project One

It is well known that we "default inward". What does that mean? Our "default mode" is to be selfish and to think of our own interests and our own needs. This is true of every individual, but it is also true of churches. We default inward. So, we work hard at trying to take the focus off of ourselves and look to the needs of others around us. 

 (Phillipians 2:3-4)

Project One is an annual work day that is dedicated to helping those in our community that have needs. We realized that not everyone could give a week of their time to volunteer...but everyone could give a day. So, on that day, dozens of volunteers tackle many projects in our community. It is an amazing display of love as hundreds of hours of time are volunteered to see projects accomplished.

Compassionately Responding: We have vaious teams of volunteers that are willing and ready to help people when the need arises. From skilled crasftsman to those with simply a willingness to lend a hand we take the needs of people in our communities seriously.

If you know someone, or maybe even it's you, that could benefit from our ministry please let us know. We will do what we can.